Kansas LAN was founded in early 2002 by Nick “Ares” Sowers and Skylar “Titan” Glass as a way to network with gamers in local rural areas of Kansas and game with friends. After conducting three LAN events and heading off to college where classes and other endeavors took hold in their lives Kansas LAN took a back seat. In 2008 Nick “Ares” Sowers decided to start Kansas LAN back up after repeated inquiries if there were going to be more LANs and eventually gave in, hosting Kansas LAN IV in January of 2008. Kansas LAN has continued to grow and gain sponsorship approval and support which make every event possible and fun for gamers of Kansas alike. In early 2009 Ares added Chaquest to the staff as a networking guru, and for further help added Stearic in 2010 as a sponsorship contact. In 2012, Ryan “Toby” Tobias joined the crew to help assist logistics and security to the venue. In 2015, Aaron “3TeK” DeHaven was added to replace Stearic as he stepped away from Kansas LAN. Aaron is a veteran LAN Admin, as he also currently runs Wichita LAN. He is in charge of marketing and sponsorship.Kansas LAN provides a fun and safe gaming environment for attendees of all ages. Kansas LAN has survived in a status quo where most LANs have fallen. With continued support from sponsors, admins, and gamers alike we will continue to game and grow with the industry, being the premier event in Kansas to attend.